The Fourpure story is a simple but inspiring one – two brothers with a passion for travel and adventure, looking to share their experiences of good times, great beer and welcoming hospitality, at home in London. In 2012 Dan, an avid homebrewer and beer enthusiast, was looking to find an outlet for his craft, whilst brother Tom, travelling the West Coast of the U.S., was experiencing the open road and front line of the modern beer scene.

Inspired by the daring and innovative methods adopted by modern breweries and a passion for flavour, Dan and Tom set up Fourpure in 2013 with the goal of sharing this passion, making good beer accessible and taking beer lovers on a journey to explore new tastes and flavours Since their birth in 2013, they've commited themselves to producing the highest quality beers, and being at the forefront of brewing innovation and efficiency.

Early in 2014 they were the very first UK-based craft brewery to can their full core range. Customers expect their beer to be fresh and flavourful cans - with their protection from light and superior seal, combined with lower environmental impact - help us to get them the beer in the best possible condition!



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