Kopi House

The UK's first and only Singapore 'Nanyang Kopi' company. Artisan Roasted Coffee, tea Dust and more. 

Historically, the coffee roasters couldn't afford to buy their own coffee for personal use - only the wealthy Europeans could do that. So they reduced the amount of coffee and bolstered out the blend by adding Maize [corn-flour] to reduce the cost, and marginarine during cooling to assist with  separating the sticky caramelised coffee beans.

Our exclusive blend, roasted just for us, contains neither maize nor margarine, meaning a cleaner coffee taste and longer shelf life.

Our Nanyang Kopi blend is just great quality green coffee beans, roasted to 'Full City' and caramalised with sugar in the typical Nanyang Kopi style. No maize means more coffee.

We maintain the signature Nanyang Kopi flavour by selecting the right beans, and every batch is taste tested by a master Nanyang Kopi taster.




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