Rasa Sayang

Bearing the title of a treasured Malaysian folk song, ‘Rasa Sayang’ literally translates to ‘loving feeling’. Having opened its doors with the aim of bringing an authentic taste of Malaysian and Singaporean culinary heritage to London, this restaurant’s namesake could not be more fitting.

The backbone of Rasa Sayang’s menu is made up of colourful, traditional dishes, including excellent Nasi Lemak, consisting of coconut rice served with tender curried chicken, and an exquisite Singapore Chilli Crab – a rich and ever-so-satisfying dish that definitely cannot to be missed.

Particular pride rests with made-from-scratch selections such as Kueh Pie Tee. These delicate, crispy shells filled with chicken, dried shrimp and fresh turnip are unique to Rasa Sayang and can be found nowhere else in Chinatown.

Beyond outstanding food, Rasa Sayang is also looking to provide its patrons with an all-round inspiring experience. This is why major renovations are in progress. These include a very exciting collaboration with famous Singaporean street artist Yew Seong, who will be gracing the establishment’s walls, both inside and out, with bright murals reflecting Southeast Asian culture.

While this is a place with roots firmly tethered in tradition, Rasa Sayang is continuously evolving in new and exciting ways, making each visit distinctly special. What is certain is that the ‘loving feeling’ will be missed in-between each one.



15 Frith Street, London, W1D 4RE


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