Rempapa Spice Co.

In Southeast Asia, curries and a whole host of dishes begin with a fresh spice paste – which are called rempah in Malay. A long list of aromatic herbs and spices go into rempah, along with a fair bit of elbow grease.

Because rempah is such a pain to prepare, and because it’s near impossible to find ready made pastes outside of the standard repertoire of Thai/ Indian flavours here in London, Shu would often make large batches of rempah and freeze them in serving-sized portions. They were a godsend on weeknights. Or even on special occasions when Shu wanted to impress her guests. Shu realised this was the best way she could enjoy and share the flavours she grew up with to adventurous but time-pressed Londoners and thus Rempapa Spice Co. was born.

Rempapa spice pastes are carefully developed from and inspired by time-tested family recipes – with taste first in mind. They contain no nasty preservatives and most recipes are traditionally free from dairy and gluten, and also made to be friendly for vegans.



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