Our Story


Pezu was founded with the objective to help the hospitality industry recover from the adverse effects of COVID-19. Many restaurants, chefs and independent businesses rely on direct customer and delivery revenue which is likely now to be insufficient to sustain existing overheads and fixed costs. With no clear timeline as to when businesses will reach pre-pandemic activity levels, we went in search of a new revenue stream that will help sustain businesses through these times and possibly come out even stronger - and that is how Pezu came to fruition!

Pezu is positively transforming mealtime for people spending more time at home while encouraging smaller brands and restaurants to innovate, offering exciting new flavours full of zest from unique independent businesses.

Whether you're craving a taste of your favourite restaurant or just looking for some fresh flavours for to cook with, we want you to be able to find something new and exciting on our marketplace. By building your box and trying new, smaller brands, you are supporting independent businesses that need all the help they can get!